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Massage therapist to the stars – as well as to special cases within the medical community – Virginia Brown did not start out creating a facial massage. It all began 20 years ago when she started working with physicians in the development of therapy treatments for migraines, Temporal Mandible Joint Dysfunction, head and neck pain and sinus headaches. However, as she worked her natural oils into the therapy, she noticed that not only did pain and symptoms improve, but the condition of the skin began to visibly improve as well. Even deep wrinkles around eyes and mouth began to disappear. Naturally, friends, neighbors and families of those treated began clamoring for Virginia’s revolutionary technique.

Today, Virginia Brown has incorporated her experience and knowledge into the Hydra-Surge 5-Step Facelift Massage for others to use and benefit from. Already, massage therapists and professionals have discovered its revolutionary results and are making it one of the most talked about skin care systems on the market.

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